How Genetics Can Create The Next Superstar Racehorse


How Genetics Can Create The Next Superstar Racehorse

Did you know that horseracing is the second largest spectator sport in the UK? Horseracing has been in existence since Roman times and many of the rules used today are the same as were created in Roman times.

Of course, where there are racehorses there will be the opportunity to gamble on the result. In fact, some of the greatest racehorses and jockeys have been British.

Why Genetics Are Important

Whether you’re a racehorse owner or simply looking to place you need to be aware that genetics are an important part of choosing the right racehorse.

This hasn’t always been the case. Horseracing has traditionally been a conservative sport where the pedigree of a racehorse was all that really mattered.

However, modern science has intervened. An ancestor five generations ago contributes just 3% of the DNA in a horse born today. This is illustrated by The Green Monkey. It was a thoroughbred racehorse with perfect parentage. It was also the most expensive racehorse ever auctioned at public auction. Yet, it raced just four times and never won a race.

Genetics offer the opportunity to create graphs which analyze 750 genetic markers. From these markers a scientist will be able to assess whether a specific horse will be a sprinter or a long distance runner. A step on from this is to compare the genes of two horses in order to assess the genes which their foal would have.

In this way you can establish the very best parents to sire a superstar racehorse.

Who Is This Relevant To?

There are two people who can benefit from this gene knowledge:

  1. The owner

An owner who can assess the genes of their racehorse will know how well it can compete. This will ensure they enter the right races to generate money through winning.

  1. The gambler

If you’re looking to place a bet on the horses one of the safest ways of doing so is to study the genes. Any horse can have a lucky streak but a horse with the right genes will do well consistently.

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Of course, there are many resources you can use to help you choose the right horse, as well as knowledge of their genes.

The Genetic Factor

The very best horses have a common gene pool. In fact it is thought that 95% of the thoroughbreds in the world are related to the Darley Arabian which was born in 1700.

Yet, despite a shallow gene pool today’s thoroughbreds are as powerful and fast as their ancestors. Genetics can further enhance the selection of parents to ensure the very best racehorses are produced; no matter how small the gene pool becomes.

In fact, it is genetics which show that the more inbred these horses are the better they are at sprinting.

So whether you’re planning on buying or simply betting, take a look at the gene pool first.