Cheltenham 2018 is every bookies nightmare


Cheltenham 2018 is every bookie´s nightmare

There´s an old saying that goes “when it´s wet, don´t bet”, and the few days that we have seen of Cheltenham Festival seems to debunk that rule. It has been years since the festival started with such a soggy surface, nevertheless the typical and expected winners had their days at the beginning of one of the greatest sporting events England has to offer.

In fact is that randomness that gave the betting community the comfortable sleep of their lives, with a mattress made out of pure Euro. “It was a bloodbath”, expressed John concerned to the press, “the wife could leave me”, he regretted since most bets went the players way in the first two days of Cheltenham Festival. 

It seems that most punters in both the UK and Ireland saw their dreams come true. They saw their high stakes become solid pounds, with winnings that in some cases reached the impressive £20,000 mark on Best Mate’s third Gold Cup. For others, it was a “fantastic”, as their wives came from the ring with thick folds of £20 earnings.

“We did something like 12 grand”, expressed in full happiness Geoff B., as he climbed down from the pitch in the Centaur (a kind of mosh pit for betting, cheering and of course drinking). Actually, his day has been so great that turned that jovial and good-looking fellow into a serious and almost concerned with his luck, as he double and triple checked the result on the boards.

For the enthusiast and bookie Andy Geraghty this kind of betting “can get such a run of money in here, it can get scary sometimes”. It was a feverous run, mostly of brave Irish souls, that placed their bets in the stands by the See You Then bar. That’s because he was offering a very generous 9-5 about the first favorite “Getabird”.

It´s all in the cards now for the punters, but one thing is clear: this is one of the most “paying” Cheltenham Festival ever. That much is so that some of the bookies might go under in the next hours since their debts to the players made a great dent in their bank accounts. Of course there are sites like WilliamHill where you can still place a note knowing that it will be backed, especially if you hit the great one.

You can also get very good tips there from a group of the best experts in not only Cheltenham Festival but also in the upcoming Grand National 2018, in all of its races. Even when some anticipated this edition of the festival would be British horse´s dominance, the Irish have shown quite a few surprises and it seems that there some still to come. So gather your courage and place a few pounds in our picks and trust that the following days will be as good for punters as have been the few first. Don´t go that crazy, but of course nobody ever won big in horse racing by placing a tiny and sober bet.