Good Photos Sell Your Horse - Part 3

In the final part of the Good Photos series we have the final 2 tips to improve the quality of your horse photos.
Part 3 of 3
7. Camera

  • If you're using a digital camera, it's better to avoid digital zoom & move closer instead as it keeps the quality of the photo up. With our zoom button on the website buyers can zoom in as close as they want to the horse to see them in more detail.
    • The find out the best way to use your camera you should read the camera manual. (I know this is hard to do but if you just flick through it you will come across a few features that you didn't even know it had!) It could make it a lot easier & help you take better quality pictures. If you know all of the features of your camera you will get much better results.

    8. Keep Clicking

    • The simple rule is this: click as many shots as you can, for as long as you can! If the horse is trotting or jumping you need to take even more. It only takes one good photo to sell your horse & show their best features but to find that will take a lot of clicking.
    • A lot of horses don't like standing still for too long so you'll have to act fast. Nearly every photo you take will have something wrong with it – ears not pricked, legs not showing properly, eyes closed etc. But if you take enough of them you will find that one that has it all. Its better to have plenty to go through later & you can delete the less quality ones.


    • Yes it takes a little practice, time & effort but it will be worth it when buyers see what your horse is like & knows what is on offer. How can a buyer make a decision on just a few lines of text? If you include good photos, you will greatly increase your chances of making the sale at a higher price. We can't over-emphasize the importance of good photos.
    • Choose a good location to take it & move around to get the best angle. Try not to have any distractions in the background. Make sure you talk to the handler so they know what you want as they can't see what the horse looks like in the camera.
    • Practice. This cannot be over stated. When you understand your camera and its features, you can experiment a little to see what works and what doesn't. Take plenty photos from the side showing all 4 legs with ears pricked looking alert.

    At, we offer unlimited photo ads so you've no excuse not to add at least one photo! Each good photo you add which will increase your chances of inquires and ultimately a sale. I hope this has helped you with your horse photography & if you have any question please feel free to make a comment below or Contact Us Here. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

    • A quality photo, with a quality ad, on a quality site, will give you some quality buyers & hopefully a sale at a good price.

    So if you have a horse for sale, don't just tell people about it - SHOW THEM!

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