The Genetic Origin And History Of Speed In The Thoroughbred Racehorse


The Genetic Origin And History Of Speed In The Thoroughbred Racehorse

Horse racing has been practiced for over 2,000 years. This is not surprising as horses have been a companion of man for even longer than this. In fact, it is estimated that horses may have been domesticated as long as 4,000 or even 5,000 years ago.

The Importance of Genes In Racehorses

You might be surprised to discover that the majority of the modern thoroughbred racehorses are from the same gene pool. It is estimated that 95% of them have the same ancestor from the 1700’s!

While a limited gene pool can lead to health problems in thoroughbreds it does not appear to have had this affect. In fact horses born from this gene pool are known to be fast sprinters.

Less inbred horses tend to be better at longer distance sprints.

It is important to know what your horse is likely to be capable of as this will help you enter them into the right race. As a punter it is also important to know which horse is most likely to win, analysing their genes will help you to understand the likelihood of a specific horse winning.

The best way to make sure your money is placed on the right horse is to choose one or two based on their genes and then watch, without placing a bet. It is even possible to watch the race live on your computer or mobile. You can find out about the effectiveness of this method by checking out the Cheltenham trials live streaming – click here to see all the different options.

Once you know that you’re reading the gene pool correctly you’ll be able to place bets with accuracy and watch them on your preferred digital device. You can access the latest sporting news at the same time.

The History Of Speed

On 14 My 2018 Winning Brew ran the quarter mile in just 20.57 seconds, the speed was 70.76 km/h. There have been faster horses but only over shorter distances.

Genetics have played a part in racehorses for many years but it is only with modern technology that it has become possible to identify specific gene traits and trace the source of a racehorse’s speed.

In fact, scientists have managed to trace the origin of the gene which makes a thoroughbred so fast. This was done by analysing the DNA of 12 thoroughbred stallions which died between 1764 and 1930. Modern technology allowed the DNA of all these horses to be examined and scientists were surprised to discover that they are all linked to one British mare from 300 hundred years ago.

The fact that the breeding pool of racehorses has been kept small has enabled this gene to stay pure. It is present in every one of the fastest racehorses during the last 300 years and today.

It is worth noting that the speed gene is different according to the type of racing the horse is doing. Discover the gene for the type of horseracing you enjoy and then you can have a flutter with confidence!