Many Vying for Winner’s Circle of $7 Million Melbourne Cup

Many Vying for Winner’s Circle of $7 Million Melbourne Cup


Excitement buzzes in the air as the Melbourne Cup approaches its start date of November 5th, 2018. Thoroughbred owners and their representative jockeys are pushing to the finish line in hopes of securing their place in this prestigious competition. Some are even running multiple horses to increase their odds of qualifying and being able to participate. And for good reason – The Melbourne Cup winners will walk away with the $7 million in total. Not to mention, all of the glory that comes with standing on the podium as a winner in this 158-year-old competition.



Leading Melbourne Cup Contenders

With only 24 starter spots available, only the best performing thoroughbreds will receive their invites to the Melbourne Cup. Despite the limited access, hundreds of thoroughbreds compete for a spot in this competition. The owners on the radar most right now include:

Willie Mullins

After his denial of a Melbourne Cup win in 2015, Willie Mullins has put almost a dozen thoroughbreds into the race for a spot in the upcoming competition. Of his horses, Chelkar has garnered the most attention with excellent runs at the Royal Ascot carnival and other key races. Another runner of Mullins’, Logostovegas, may also end up in the qualifying rounds due to great race finishes all season long.

Qatar Racing

Qatar Racing has confidently put their efforts behind their incredible Count Octave, a four-year-old colt with excellent race results. He will compete in the Ebor at York or Lonsdale Cup on their route to qualification for the Melbourne Cup. With Qatar Racing partner, Sheikh Fahad Al-Thani, past Melbourne Cup win, this group has the knowledge needed to make the most of their race to the top.

Charlie Fellowes

Longtime trainer, Charlie Fellowes, aims to reach the Melbourne Cup with his thoroughbred, Prince of Arran. This horse has excelled in flat track races, showing his potential to secure a win at the upcoming competition. If Prince of Arran does not take Fellowes to the races, his progressive filly, Crimson Rosette, promises to secure group wins to qualify for the prestigious cup events.

Hughie Morrison

Hughie Morrison strives to land a Melbourne Cup invite with his half Australian owned thoroughbred, Marmelo. A recent win in France has bolstered this horse’s footing in the running toward a place in the final 24 contenders. Although there is some doubt in where to put his efforts next, Morrison keeps his sights on the November competition as his end game this season.


Still a Long Road Until the Finalization of the Melbourne Cup Lineup

The leading contenders vying for a place in the Melbourne Cup have a long road ahead with qualifications. Their performance on the racetrack will help their case as hundreds of nominees are whittled down to the final 24 starters. Although applications close in September, the final lineup will not be announced until closer to the November race date. To make the most of the time in between, enthusiasts will take a close look at Melbourne Cup odds and determine their best betting strategy. The fierce competition puts even the best picks and predictions to the test.