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  • have teamed with the team at DropViewer to give you a better view of our horses for sale. This will allow buyers to see more of the horse and in greater detail than ever before on  You can drag the image and zoom to get any idea of the functionality, turn on the brightness/contrast control to alter the image and click on full-screen for better resolution.

  • DropViewer has turned the image viewing market on its head. There approach has been to develop a viewer that will enable you to dramatically enhance your viewing experience by looking closer and deeper at images. Why settle for viewing image the way the vendor wants you to view them. View images on your holds barred! Welcome to the new revolution.
  • We believe the future of online image viewing will be driven by your viewing experience and not what storage system and/or library you are allowed to view. Our philosophy is to be the enabler of online viewing, allowing you to "take a closer look".
  • Why comprimise on your viewing experience?  Dropviewer is brought to you by Ziltron, leaders in medical image viewing and diagnotics.  Our online viewer is designed to meet the most demanding of viewing standards. Check out our features:
  • Pan
To move the image in the viewer, hold down the mouse button over the image and drag the image to any location in the viewer. Releasing the mouse locks the image in that location. 
  • Zoom
Did you ever want to zoom in a little closer? DropViewer makes zooming so easy! Avail of different zooming options.  Our mouse click option could not be easier.Simply double click on the image.  Each time you click the image expands. 
The second zoom option is uses the Zoom slider bar in the DropViewer bar. Click the zoom button and move the slider to zoom in/out.


  • Enhance your image
Take a "deeper" look at images. To enable this function, click on the Enhance button. Move the slider bar up/down to change the brightness/contrast of the image.
  • Full Screen

Click on the full screen button for view the image in full screen mode. Clicking on the full screen button again will toggle between the full screen and reduced screen mode.

  • Reset
The reset button returns the image to its original display mode to optimise the image in the viewer. This option can be used any time you time you want to revert back to the original image view.
  • Share/Embed Image
This button enables you to retrieve the image link and embed code to share this image with your friends and colleagues
  • Launch
Click on the DropViewer logo to open DropViewer and share more images with your friends, family and work colleagues.
See an example of DropViewer in action for one of our horses for sale here.
Take a closer look with DropViewer