No Typo As Wexford Racecourse Treated Badly

No Typo As Wexford Racecourse Treated Badly

And there I was thinking it was a typo!!

Late last year I looked at the 2014 racecourse fixture listing and saw the now traditional two day Halloween Weekend fixture at Wexford being staged on Saturday the 25th and Monday 27th.

Splitting a two day weekend fixture into two single meetings over three days looked like a typo….but I was wrong, oh so wrong!!!!!

Seemingly the Irish racing authorities decided to split the Wexford fixture, to allow Leopardstown to race on Saturday and Sunday the 26th bringing the flat racing season at the Dublin Track to a close while accommodating Galway with its Sunday and Monday fixture.

There have also been some mutterings of a clash with the Breeders Cup in the USA the following weekend???

Wexford is a relatively small provincial track, striving to keep its head above water , while attempting to enhance and improve its offering to racegoers and to the racing industry.

How this decision to split the two day fixture at the track helps , assists or enhances racing in the south east is totally unclear.

If a split two day fixture was beneficial surely Leopardstown, Galway et al would jump at it and stage it that way themselves.?

So I assume it isn’t beneficial for them.

So just why Wexford has to be sacrificed is the question?

Simply put , its the big boys stomping all over the little boys yet again with either Horse Racing Ireland or the Turf Club or both totally at fault.

Its an enormous pity that the biggest race meeting at Wexford has been treated so badly in this cavalier way and the racing authorities intend to repeat the dose in 2015!

So definitely no typo!

Guest Post By Dick White From